11 Strongest Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

11 Strongest Physical Symptoms of Higher Vibration

Everything in this Universe is composed of tiny energetic particles vibrating at specific frequencies. These vibrations are not visible to the human eye, but they can certainly be felt.

Human beings, like everything else, are constantly vibrating. High vibration people generally operate at a higher level of spiritual and physical well-being.

In this article, I will discuss the physical symptoms that you have a high vibration and what you can do to increase it.

Signs of a High Vibration Person

I have compiled a list of some of the most common side effects of raising your vibrations. If you consistently experience many of these symptoms, you can be sure that you have a high vibration.

1. You feel happy and at peace

Individuals that operate at a high vibration are usually very happy and at peace. This doesn’t mean they don’t have low vibration moments where they feel negative emotions like anger and sadness. It just means that their standard frequency is peace.

Vibrations are deeply tied to emotions. Therefore, when you operate at a high frequency, your emotions will also be higher. If your typical emotional setting falls somewhere around peace or contentment, then you have a high vibration.

2. You glow with a radiance of joy

People with high frequencies look radiant and joyful. They have higher energy, glowing skin, and will be more in tune with their higher self. This leads to an increase in confidence which is always really obvious! Confident people hold themselves differently and give those around them a different vibe- one where they are clearly at ease with themselves.

3. Life feels enjoyable to you

Do you feel like your life is enjoyable? Do you wake up excited for the rest of the day?

If so, this is a good sign. High vibration people are naturally more likely to enjoy their life. Even a normal day is a good day.

4. Your senses are stronger

When you have high vibrations, you are more in tune with the world that surrounds you. You can better pick up on energy, which is evident through your growing senses.

The surrounding environment will look more bright and vibrant. You might hear things more clearly. Food is extra delicious. Everything will have a bit more depth than before.

This also has to do with an increase in appreciation towards the beauty of the world. You have a better sense of gratitude, even for the small things.

5. You don’t tolerate negativity

High vibrations people have a natural inclination to reject negativity. This is because the low vibrations of negative vibes sharply contrast their high vibrations. These frequencies don’t mix well and push each other away.

You’ll find yourself pulled towards other people that operate at high vibrations- other happy, confident, glowing individuals. As for low vibration people, you feel very empathetic towards them and feel the desire to help them grow.

6. You are sensitive and empathetic towards others

You will have a natural empathy towards others. You will feel what they feel and relate to it. This is because you are more open and able to feel their vibrations. When a person has a low vibration, you will want to help.

This will lead to you being the natural go-to person for any friends going through a tough time. They will feel your understanding and empathy and feel better in your company.

7. You feel physically healthy and capable

High vibration individuals feel healthy and capable, usually because they are. A significant pillar of having a high vibration is treating yourself right. This means you regularly exercise, eat healthily, and nurture your mental well-being.

Your high vibrations and healthy lifestyles both work in tandem. Treating your body well will lead to higher vibrations, while higher vibrations will want you to do good things for your body.

8. You enjoy creative pursuits

High vibration people are drawn towards creative pursuits. They act as an outlet for all the high-energy vibrations.

Creative outlets vary for everyone. Some people are drawn towards painting, while others may love to write or play music. One thing that they all have in common is that they will bring you joy.

You have a deeper appreciation for creative endeavors. You see them as acts of pure creation. Your work will feel like it comes directly from your soul.

9. You feel a sense of emotional balance

Having high vibrations is almost synonymous with emotional balance. As I mentioned before, your standard mood setting will be positive. But even though you will still experience negative emotions, you will feel balanced.

Negative emotions are a part of life and should not be avoided or feared. When you feel them, you let yourself feel them all the way through instead of pushing them away.

Feeling balanced also has to do with the alignment of your chakras. When you have a high vibration, you are more likely to have your chakras aligned and balanced. This contributes to your emotional and physical well-being.

10. You laugh and smile often

When a person has a high vibration, joy comes to them very easily. They will find themselves constantly laughing and smiling. It is not difficult to be happy and it feels natural.

11. You feel light

The feeling of ‘lightness’ and ‘heaviness’ doesn’t have to do with weight. It’s a bit of an unexplainable feeling.

When you are living in a moment of pure joy, like swimming in the ocean, riding a roller coaster, or singing along at a concert, you have this peculiar lightness of being. Adversely, during moments of sadness, everything feels really heavy.

These feelings have everything to do with vibrations. Low vibrations give you the sensation of heaviness and vice versa.

Signs of a Low Vibration Person

Some people operate at a much lower vibration. Here are the most common signs of a low vibration person:

1. They are constantly tired

Low vibration people don’t have a lot of energy. They are constantly tired and lethargic. It is often difficult for them to do normal life activities because they don’t have enough energy.

2. They are physically unhealthy

Those with a low vibration don’t put in the work to be physically healthy and fit. They don’t take care of their body and eat lots of fatty, sugar-filled foods. This contributes to their low vibrations as well as their low energy.

3. They don’t enjoy life

Low vibration people wake up already dreading their day. They don’t get a lot of excitement out of daily life and struggle to maintain hopes and dreams for the future.

4. They find it difficult to connect with other people

It is difficult for low vibration people to connect with others. They operate at a frequency where they push others away. They are stuck in their own world and think mainly about themselves. This makes it difficult to empathize with others or see the beauty in other people.

5. They feel like the world is against them

Low vibration people have an underlying belief that the world is against them; they have to fight to get anything they want. Adversely, high vibration people know that the world works for them. This makes manifestation very easy for high vibe people and very hard for low vibe people.

6. They are cynical, argumentative, and complain a lot

People with lower vibrations tend to be cynical about life. They argue a lot, even if there’s nothing to argue about. You also will notice that they enjoy complaining. This makes them feel better short term, although it’s not at all helpful for raising vibrations. It is easier for them to believe that the world is at fault for their low mood instead of themselves.

Map of Consciousness Levels

Dr. David Hawkins came up with a system to track the level of consciousness or energetic vibrations that a person resonates at. The scale labels the emotional setting tied to a specific level of consciousness and acts as a spiritual vibration test. The higher your emotional setting, the higher your vibes.

At the very bottom of the scale is ‘shame,’ while ‘enlightenment’ sits at the top. The switch from negative to positive vibrations starts at ‘courage,’ which comes just before neutrality. This is the stage that you begin to work through your fears and lean into the desire to build a more positive mindset.

Human beings are constantly going up and down this scale, depending on their mood. The trick is to have an emotional standard in the positive range- the higher, the better. This puts you in the ‘expansion’ zone and enables you to build your dream life easily.

Spiritual awakening occurs when you rise high in the charts. Once you begin to operate at the frequency of love, you leave behind your ego and embrace serving the higher good of the world.

Enlightenment, which is the ultimate level of consciousness, is very rare. It is generally said only to have been attained by those such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krisna. So don’t worry about reaching this peak- just focus on raising your vibes as high as possible.

How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations

There are many actions you can take to raise your spiritual vibrations. Here are some of the best practices you can incorporate into your daily life:

1. Meditation

Meditation enables you to take a step back from your automatic thoughts and emotions and calm your mind. Even meditating for a very short amount of time will raise your vibrations. If you incorporate this into your daily life, you are bound to see a difference.

2. Surround yourself with nature

Nature vibrates at a high frequency. This is why you feel more at peace when surrounded by it. A great way to quickly raise your vibes is to spend some time in nature, whether that be hiking, swimming, or just sitting in a park.

3. Eat healthy

Healthy foods also vibrate at a high frequency. When you introduce these into your body, your vibes will naturally increase.

4. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a great way to raise your vibrations. When we focus our minds on what we are grateful for, we take our attention away from the things we don’t have. Compile a list of things in your life that you are grateful for. Focus your attention on the abundance rather than the lack.

5. Small acts of kindness

Being kind to others is one of the best ways to increase our vibrations. Even if you’re not feeling particularly compassionate, treating another with kindness will help raise you to that state. Kindness is a super high vibration emotion!

6. Put yourself first

Sometimes you need to prioritize your own physical and mental well-being over others. That isn’t to say you should ignore the needs of others, but you can’t let your vibrational state be continuously lowered for the sake of another.

7. Think positively

Even if you’re not feeling positive, it helps to think positive thoughts. Think of it like mind-affirmations. The more positive we think, the more we train our minds to go in that direction. It will feel forced to begin with, but eventually, it will become natural.

8. Prioritize healthy relationships

You need to put more energy into healthy, high vibrational relationships instead of unhealthy or toxic ones. When you are with other individuals with high vibes, your frequencies will bounce off one another and increase in tandem.

9. Do more things that bring you joy

Listen to your favorite song, go for a walk, clean up your room. Do small activities that bring you a bit more joy and contentment. These little things add up and do wonders for your vibrations.

Closing Thoughts

High vibrational people are more spiritually aligned with their highest selves. They operate at a higher level of consciousness and radiate expansion. This enables them to manifest more efficiently and create their dream reality so that they can live a fulfilling life.

If you don’t think you operate at a high vibration, don’t worry. Begin to incorporate some of these practices into your life. You will be amazed at how your vibrations can rise just from your desire for them to do so!


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