Are Chakras Real?

Are Chakras Real?

Chakras are known as major energy points along the human body.

When in alignment, your energy free-flows through your seven major chakras, keeping you balanced and connected to the spiritual realm.

Although chakras were initially recognized in ancient Sanskrit texts in India, they have recently become popular within the New Age spiritual community. Despite their growing popularity, many still doubt whether chakras actually exist.

Chakras are very real. Let me tell you why.

Is There Any Evidence Chakras Exist?

Although many have claimed to feel the existence of their chakras through deep, meditative experiences, there is no solid, visible evidence that chakras exist. However, this is similar to how there is no solid, visible evidence that various scientific theories are correct.

Just because something can’t be proved by the current scientific method doesn’t mean it’s not true. The scientific community still does not fully understand the connection between physical matter and energy.

It is recognized that there are gaps in knowledge through experiments such as the Double Slit Experiment, in which simple human observation changes the outcome of the experiment.

While it is easier to write unexplainable phenomena off, you should be mindful that there are limits to scientific progress. It is impossible for humans to fully understand everything about our universe, observable and unobservable.

The same can be said for chakras. Although we may not fully understand them, we can acknowledge them and do our best with what we have.

Why Do Chakras Exist?

Chakras function together to keep you healthy on an energetic plane, much like how your organs work together to keep you healthy on the physical plane.

When all your chakras are working at optimal capacity, your energy will flow evenly through your system, keeping you in balance.

When your chakras are not in balance, you will feel it in different ways, depending on what chakras are not balanced. Imbalance can refer to overactivity or underactivity.

There may be too much energy within your chakra or not enough.

Each chakra serves a different purpose. For example, your root chakra, located at the base of your spine, controls your sense of groundedness and stability.

When it’s unbalanced, you may feel disconnected from reality or unsafe. Symptoms can manifest differently for each individual, depending on their current circumstances.

Why Unblocking Your Chakras is Important

It’s important to know that chakras are commonly blocked in individuals who have not put in the effort to unlock them.

You can recognize which chakras are blocked or unblocked by determining how you feel about certain aspects of your life.

There are various steps you can take to unlock your chakras. Many people swear by meditation. This is a practice that works effectively no matter what chakras you’re focusing on.

However, the most important action you should take is to work on healing from your past traumas.

Trauma in childhood and adulthood can actively block your chakras and keep you energetically stuck in a negative cycle. Healing and unblocking your chakras will set you on a new, more positive path.


Although there is no solid evidence that chakras exist, they should not be written off as a hoax.

Chakras do exist. By recognizing this and working towards balancing them, you will, in turn, create a better life experience for yourself.

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