What is the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction?

There is definite cultural shift in today’s society.

People are starting to believe that anything is possible.

We are slowly moving away from living the expected 9 to 5, white picket fence life and are beginning to embrace the idea that anybody can live their dream life, whatever that may be.

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that has added a lot of fuel to these new ideas.

Essentially it states that you can attract your dream life through the power of thought. Whatever you focus your mind on, you attract into life.

Therefore, if you focus on your dreams, you’ll draw them into your life.

In this article, I will further discuss the many facets of the Law of Attraction and what evidence there is that it actually works.

The Law of Attraction – Science or Pseudoscience?

The Law of Attraction is composed of three different laws, all grounded in real scientific laws. These are the following:

1.Like attracts like

Everything in the Universe is composed of energy. What we see as physical objects are actually, at the most microscopic level, particles buzzing and moving so quickly that they resemble solid objects to our eyes.

All energy has its own unique vibration. This is the specific frequency at which energy moves through space and time. It is a scientific law that ‘like attracts like.

For example, all positive ions are attracted to other positive ions. The same can be said for negative ions. This remains true across the sphere of energetic vibrations.

The vibration that you radiate attracts the same vibration back to you. So if you vibrate in the frequency of abundance, then you attract abundance. If you vibrate in the frequency of lack, you attract lack into your life.

This is the dominant rule of the Law of Attraction and explains the foundation of the theory.

2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum

There is another law written in the laws of thermodynamics that ‘nature abhors a vacuum.’ This means that it is basically impossible for an empty space to exist.

There will always be something in that space, even if it’s not visible to the human eye.

In the law of attraction, this means that when you create space in your life, something will always fill it. So if you get rid of negative things, you will have space for more positive things.

3. The present is always perfect

The last law speaks the idea that in the timeline of your life, only the present actually exists. The past and the future are merely a word for another place in time. They exist only in your mind.

Instead of worrying about the past or future, you should focus solely on the present moment. The past is gone, and the present creates the future.

By focusing on positive thoughts in the present moment and enjoying it to the best of the ability, the future will create itself with the same positive vibrations.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

There are many ways you can use the law of attraction to attract your dream life. It is more or less the same for everybody, regardless of what you want to manifest; money, love, success, health, etc.

Here are some of the best practices for manifesting your dream reality:

1. Focus on how grateful you are for the things already in your life.

When you vibrate in the frequency of gratitude, you will further attract things to you that you will feel grateful for. This is one of the best ways to communicate to the Universe what you want.

Think of your connection with the Universe as if it’s a personal relationship. The Universe loves when you send it your gratitude, just like how a friend loves when you are grateful for the things they do for you. When you make it clear how much it means to you, they want to keep doing it.

It’s the same for the Universe. It wants to keep earning your gratitude, so it will keep sending you things to be grateful for.

When using the law of attraction, you will learn how to talk to the Universe. It’s much easier than you think. The Universe is always listening to both your words and your vibrations.

2. Visualize what you want.

Visualization is the best manifestation practice. You should use this practice daily for at least 30 seconds. It doesn’t take very much effort and it will even improve your day.

When you use visualization, you should close your eyes and picture yourself living your dream life. Be sure to acknowledge how it feels to be living it. Feel the joy and gratitude that your dreams create.

It is scientifically proven that your brain cannot tell the difference between thought and reality. It will experience your daydreams as if they were actually happening.

This exercise will raise your vibrations naturally. You will begin to vibrate at the frequency of the version of yourself that has accomplished your dreams. And because like attracts like, you will attract this version of yourself into your reality.

3. Use meditation to help your identify negative thoughts.

Meditation is widely misunderstood. Many people think the end goal of meditation is to stop thinking. This is untrue.

The goal of meditation is to help identify your thought processes. You should think of yourself as if you were a higher being, watching your brain from far away.

Your brain is the ‘ego’, while the higher version of you is a judgment-free entity that simply observes.

Let your thoughts pass through your mind like clouds in the sky. Observe them, but don’t judge or hold onto them. When a negative thought pops up, take notice.

Why is it there? What triggered it? Once you determine the source of the negative thought, you can work towards changing it.

4. Reshape your core beliefs to reflect a more positive reality.

Most negative thoughts will eventually lead you to a core belief. These beliefs are often subconscious and have been shaped over the contours of your life.

An example of a core thought would be, ‘I don’t deserve to be loved.’ Believe it or not, many people feel this way. It is one of the reasons why so many people are afraid to fully love.

They are scared that something will go wrong because they don’t deserve another to feel these emotions towards them.

Core beliefs are dangerous because we often don’t realize their existence. Only by following our negative thoughts back to them can we really trace their effects on our life.

It is important to acknowledge these core beliefs because they can subconsciously work against our manifestations. It is very unlikely to manifest a loving romantic partner into your life when you have a subconscious core belief that you don’t deserve love.

5. Use affirmations to reinforce your manifestations.

Affirmations are positive statements that affirm your manifestation. They can be used both verbally and in written form.

First, you must ask yourself this question- what are your intentions? Once you figure this out, you can create the best affirmations for your circumstance.

When using affirmations, you should speak in the present tense. For example, if you are trying to attract $1,000 into your life, you should say, “I am so grateful that I have $1,000.” But speaking in present-tense, you project the vibration of already having $1,000. This will help to manifest it more quickly.

When you say things like, “I want $1,000”, the want projects a vibration of lack because by wanting something, you acknowledge that you don’t have it. This is why it’s always best to speak in the present tense and act like you already have what you want.

6. Create a vision board for your dream life.

Vision board template with space for goals, dreams list, travel plans and inspiration.


Making a vision board is both super fun and a great way to tap into the Universe. You can cut inspiring photos from a magazine or print some you find online.

Glue all your images to a board and hang it somewhere that you will see every day. Having this reminder of all your dreams will continuously excite you and help to raise your vibrations.

It will also remind you to keep practicing your other manifestation exercises. You can use the board for motivation and visualization.


Law of Attraction Choices – What Do You Want to Manifest?

Here are some further steps you can take for manifesting specific desires into our life:

1. Attract Financial Abundance

For those that want to attract greater amounts of wealth into your life, there are many actions you can take.

For attracting money, focusing on your current abundance is particularly important. If you constantly vibrate in the frequency of being broke, you will continue to attract being broke.

Instead, even if you don’t have much, focus on what you do have. Be grateful for those few extra dollars. If you use them to buy a coffee, be grateful that it afforded you that experience.

It also helps to visualize where you want to be in terms of wealth. However, you should make sure that you personally believe this is possible to achieve. If you’re currently making minimum wage and you want to be a millionaire, it may be difficult to believe this is possible. This is why you should take smaller steps and gradually increase your monetary desires as you achieve them.

2. Attract a Romantic Partner

The most important step in attracting a romantic partner is working on yourself. You cannot expect to manifest a person that will love you if you don’t even love yourself.

Working on yourself looks different for everyone. It basically means doing what makes you feel good. Go to the gym, eat healthy, spend time with friends, pamper yourself, work towards your goals, etc. Do things that make you proud of yourself.

Once you are happy with where you are in life without a romantic partner, you will be better equipped to attract the perfect person to you.

3. Attract Success

Everyone’s definition of success is different, but the steps to get there are similar. I believe that the best exercise for attracting success is by using visualization.

Visualize your success daily and pay attention to how it makes you feel. If your version of success is having a better, higher-paying job, then picture yourself already at that job. Absorb how the job makes you feel. Hold onto those feelings and remember them.

4. Attract Good Health

To attract good health into your life, you should focus your mind on what is already healthy about you. Focus on your breathing, your strength, how well-rested you feel, your ability to move, and what healthy foods you have eaten or exercise you have done. By focusing on your good health, you take away the space for anything negative.

It is also best not to focus on anything that might be wrong with you. Oftentimes, a simple affliction can magnify in our heads. A mere headache can make people search their symptoms online and come to the conclusion that they have a brain tumor. Don’t do this. The negative thoughts can amplify your affliction and attract worse health into your life.

Closing Thoughts

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that anybody can create their own reality simply using the power of the mind. The simplicity of this idea is borderline magical, which is why so many people are drawn to it. It is a promise that anybody can live the life of their dreams if only they believe it.

It is essential to remember when using the Law of Attraction that you must keep your vibrations high by focusing on the positive things in your life and getting rid of anything negative. You also must learn to be happy in the present moment. This is a difficult feat for most people, especially when today’s society has taught us that we must keep wanting more, more, and more.

The trick of the Law of Attraction is that you shouldn’t want anything because where you are is perfect. And once you are happy with that, then all your wildest dreams will begin to manifest.





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