Magic Numbers to Attract Money

Magic Numbers to Attract Money

We all want to attract money and wealth into our lives, and there are certain “magic numbers” that can help us do just that. By harnessing the power of these numbers, we can increase our chances of attracting good fortune and prosperity.

In this article we will examine certain numbers and their money attracting qualities, or not, as the case may be.

Numbers For Money

Have you heard the cliché money attracts money? Are there some magic numbers that attract money more easily than others?

The answer is yes. It can be said that there are numbers that attract money.  And there are numbers that repel money. Numbers that attract money are Moneyphilic, those that do not are Moneyphobic.

By now you are probably thinking, of numbers attract money, “what is my lucky number for money”?

Before you get the answer to this question, you should know that in numerology, which is the science of numbers and their influence on our lives, there are numbers that improve luck, and those that deplete it.

The idea is that numbers have an effect on your life.

You spend your whole day thinking about numbers, beginning with the time you awaken.

What is the time? How much is it? How much battery percent is remaining? Which extension should I dial? How many tablespoons of sugar should I use? What day is it?

For everyone, numbers provide perspective for events. They order our world, our lives, and even our minds. And they have historically been significant.

Without numbers, there would be no global language of mathematics. The universe’s mysteries would remain unanswered. Without numbers, how could we possibly know our own history?

After all, communication is impossible without exact dates. Additionally, we depend on the tried-and-true significance of particular numerals.

Gamblers are well aware of the importance of betting on certain numbers.

Certain hotels lack a thirteenth story (in China, they refuse to construct the fourth floor since the words for four and death seem too close)

Naturally, since numbers play such an important role in our lives and have done for centuries, they have a tremendous amount of importance in the realms of magic and the occult.

Indeed, our lives are replete with numbers. You see them everywhere: on birth certificates, in vehicle interiors, on currency notes, at addresses, on passports and so on.

Witches use numbers in so many facets of their art that they have become a critical component in their own right. You do not just put five anise seeds in a powder, or two candles, or three times recite an incantation at random; you use certain quantities because of what these numbers symbolize.  Further on, this article discussed the power of numbers for money and demonstrate how you may utilize them to increase your wealth.

I’m sure you’re asking: “what is my prosperity number?” After all, whether or not you believe in numerology, numbers have an impact on our life.

Naturally, a person has always been inquisitive about which number may serve as a talisman, which number can serve as a sign of good fortune: the number is the companion, the number is the patron.

We particularly need such a patron when it comes to money. After all, money is intrinsically tied to numbers, and it is reasonable to believe that there is a relationship between them that enables you to attract as many banknotes as possible into your life.

The only remaining question is how these numbers can attract money. Thus, we return to the preceding questions: “What is my lucky number for money”?

To answer this question, consider which days the important events in your life occurred, which numbers are associated with the most pleasant recollections, and which number you prefer above others.

If you have not yet developed a strong connection to the numbers, you may now attempt to speed up or slow down the events occurring around you, attract love and good fortune, and avoid problems.

If you follow the advice in this post, the outcomes will surprise you.

Energy Levels of Numbers One to Zero

Money is a potent force without which life in our planet would be very difficult. That is why individuals are continuously on the lookout for new methods to attract it.

Let us look at how the energy of money interacts with the energy of numbers in more detail. Take a look at the banknotes.

Each of them is identified by a number, a notional value, and a serial number. And each of these numbers has a unique energy.

Often, an individual instinctively selects the amount of money to save, whether in a moneybox or elsewhere. This number alone may reveal a great deal about a person’s thinking and subconscious attitude toward money and material possessions.

You are well aware that some individuals repel money while others attract it. Even vast quantities of money may slip through the fingers of some individuals, while they increase at an astonishing pace for others.

Numerology for money and wealth gives guidance on how to alter one’s circumstances, save needless spending, and boost financial resources. The numbers are critical in terms of energy support.

They will freely offer you their energy. Certain numbers are more optimistic financially, while others indicate a lack of vitality.

The numbers one to zero in relation to energy are given below:

One: This number is very remarkable in appearance and financial importance. It represents the start, the hunt for motivation, and financial flow. The unit instills confidence in collaboration, assists in resolving difficulties under adverse situations, and bestows a person with positivity.

Two: Because this number lacks financial vitality, it is considered negative in numerology. A ‘2′ causes a person to make poor choices.

Three: This is an excellent numerological number. This is an authentic financial talisman that attracts wealth, fame, and wisdom. Troika also helps to hone intuition, to spend money wisely and to invest in the proper enterprises.

Four: This is a number that represents financial stability. If you want to ensure that everything stays in place for the foreseeable future, surround yourself with the number 4. It will not result in great success, but it will provide financial stability. The four aids in concentration and enhances awareness.

Five:5′ is a number that inspires and energizes creativity and numerous instances of exceptional financial fortune. It pairs nicely with numbers three and eight. Number five has the most potent vitality. It aides in the conclusion of contracts and agreements, the discovery of compromises, and the resolving of tough circumstances.

Six: The number 6 represents excessive expenditure and financial ruin. If you want to avoid extra spending, avoid taking any quantity beginning with 6: 60, 600, or 6000.

Seven: The number ‘7′ is a sign of spiritual growth in numerology. If a person wants to develop a new pastime, this number will assist him in doing so. It helps a person keep their self-confidence.

Eight: This is a representation of infinity, the material principle that exists in the Universe. ‘8′ should be employed to attract financial resources.

According to experts, this is the most potent digital mascot ever created. The more the amount of eights in your wallet, credit card, or bank account number, the better.

Nine: In numerology, ‘9′ represents purging oneself of unneeded possessions. This is not ideal from a financial standpoint, since money is necessary.

Zero: ‘0′ is completely inert and has no energy.


Money Repelling Numbers

As previously established, each number has a unique energy in connection to money. Since we will be discussing wealth numbers, and it is only fair that we discuss numbers that repel money, so that you can avoid or reduce them.

In numerology, the following are the negative energies and the numbers connected with them:

Energy wastage: The combination of the numbers one and zero results in a waste of energy. It is not advisable to store sums of money that include certain digits, for example, 100, 1000, 10,000, and so on.

Additionally, receiving a wage or setting the price of things in such amounts is unpleasant. Money’s vitality does not adhere to a person.

It will pass and will do no harm to a person. When you save a quantity of money that comprises 1, you will almost certainly encounter circumstances that need you to spend it.

The Energy of Misery: In numerology, the number two represents poverty, self-sacrifice, and debt. Receiving a paycheck or purchasing a commodity for a quantity of money that comprises this number is bad.

The same is true for 11, since adding the numbers results in a total of two.

In any event, avoid taking out a loan for this amount of money; it will be difficult to repay. Additionally, avoid lending 2000, 20,000, or 11,000; it is quite possible that the loan will never be repaid.

Save money in just one wallet. Although you cannot put all of your eggs in one basket, splitting your funds between two institutions is a terrible idea.

It is preferable to choose four financial institutions for this purpose. Number two denotes thrift, duplicity, robbery, and deception.

The Energy of Loss: Many people believe that seven is the number of good fortune and heavenly protection. And this is true when we discuss spirituality and self-development in relation to this number.

However, in money numerology, 7 is a highly deadly number. This number like surprises, while savings want consistency.

It is imprudent to deliver the amount of money with this number or to pass it on, deposit it, or lend it.

Additionally, it is not recommended to purchase anything with a price tag of 7, since this may result in some losses.

Neutral Numerology Money Numbers

Some numbers have a dual significance in numerology. They have the potential to generate both profit and loss. It is critical to understand how to utilize them.

The Expansion and Movement Energy

The number 3 in money numerology is a particularly fortunate number if it is associated with a continually flowing cash flow.

It has the potential for growth, new possibilities, and more revenues. This digit enjoys movement, motion, and activity.

However, it is unsuitable for preservation. Saving an amount of money that contains this number is a terrible idea; thus, you should avoid saving 300, 3000, 30,000, and so on; otherwise, this money will be gone rapidly.

The Energy of Acquisition and Pleasure: The number five is related with riches and wealth in numerology. Five is an excellent number for any purchase. If this number appears on the price tag, purchase the thing without hesitation.

Money sums with the number 5 are suited for investment and deposit purposes. This number enjoys taking risks, which is why it often wins at the casino. It may be used to buy a present, and this gift will pay off handsomely in the future. However, this figure is unsuitable for savings. Five will nudge you repeatedly to spend money on satisfaction.

Labor and Routine Energy: The numerology number 6 draws money, but only for the bare necessities. 6 will not allow you to be hungry, stroll in worn-out shoes, or develop utility debt. However, it does not guarantee you a life of luxury.

Money’s magic is intimately tied to the energy of the number in numerology. This number is energetically linked to work and constraint.

If a person makes 6000, 60000, or more, he most certainly obtains money via hard effort, working days and nights, and putting up with various constraints.

It is not suggested to invest or deposit the quantity of money with 6. The revenue will be insufficient.

Gift Energy: Similar to 7, 9, patronize the spiritual realm more than the material one. It is unconcerned about money.

However, nine, unlike seven, does not have a negative attitude toward money. Additionally, it rewards individuals who understand how to care for others. 90, 900, 9000, and similar amounts may and should be donated to charity organizations.

Your power to give will increase greatly.

What Are My Wealth Numbers and How Do I use Them?

Finally, we arrive at the numbers that have the most potential for attracting money; in other words, the magic numbers to attract money.

These numbers contribute to the material world’s prosperity, attract riches, and boost savings.

So, how do you get and use your wealth numbers?

Your entire name and date of birth comprise a digital code. This is the precise number that will be used to handle the events that result in money flows. This is a unique combination of numerals that represent good fortune, money, glory, and success.

Your money code ensures your financial success; it enables you to simply locate your area of wealth and make a large sum of money.

If, on the other hand, your code is not monetary, it will be very tough for you to get wealthy regardless of how hard you work.

The reason for this is because the mascot’s life number does not correspond to the money energy code associated with finances.

What if your birth code is not a wealth number?

This is why it is vital to emphasize the numbers that bring you financial fortune. Consider the methods in which you want to get rich and use the following numerical combinations in your activities.

They are numbered 3, 4, 5, and 8. The figures and their riches secrets are discussed in further detail below.

Three: Three is a highly energetic number, and as such, it belongs in the wallet – sums in multiples of three are great for attracting good fortune: 300, 600, 900, 1200, 3000, 30,000, and so on.

Because the troika is not well-suited to fund accumulation, its appearance on a credit or savings card, in a bank account number, or on the bank account itself is undesired.

3 is an excellent number for a phone number or a vehicle number.

Four: It is an excellent number for persons who value predictability and stability. The amounts of money with a value of four are ideal for deposits, savings, and family budgeting.

If this number appears on the product’s price tag, you may purchase it on an instalment basis. 4 does not always imply tremendous riches; often, the quantities of money associated with this number are gained via hard effort. However, it enables you to organize your costs and income; it safeguards you from unforeseen needless expenditures.

Five: is also really beneficial, but it functions more as an indirect assistance, since it enables a person to think creatively. It is great for anybody in a creative role. 5 is the number associated with creativity, cunning, and intellect. If you are in a hurry to solve an issue or have an important meeting coming up, you may draw a five multiple times on a sheet of paper. This will assist you in positioning yourself for triumph. Additionally, a screensaver with the number Five may be installed on the screen of your computer or phone, ensuring that the energy of this number is always there to assist you.


Eight: The Energy of Great Possibilities

In numerology, the number 8 is said to work as a magnet, attracting money possibilities. Additionally, it is referred to as the number of infinite or the number of God. Eight draws prospects for profit and capital growth. Additionally, it encourages money income from a variety of sources.

This number is reserved for those who operate in currency exchanges and are exposed to risk. It is an excellent investment number. Additionally, eight looks nice as a credit card number, phone number, or bank account. This number assists in saving money and spending it wisely. When buying, it is preferable to bring numbers beginning with 8.

The number Eight always attracts more random success into a person’s life. Even as a T-shirt print, the figure eight looks amazing. Generally, the most financially lucrative years of life are those ending in 818, 28, 38, and so on.

If you can master the proper application of money numerology, you may open the door to a world of immense prosperity and success.

For instance, while completing a significant transaction using the code, you may choose a monetary date and know in advance the contract number with the most advantageous partners.


Hopefully, this article has provided answers to the questions our readers have been asking such as: What numbers are good energy numbers?  What is my lucky number for money?

What is my prosperity number and how do I use it? Your prosperity numbers have been highlighted above.

How to use them? When you can, incorporate this number into your magic. Let this number represent you in spells when you need to perform transactions or magic without a lot of extras. Like all personal symbolism, this number can be your secret ingredient, the thing that makes your spells unique to you.

Give these numbers power by writing it down often or writing it on your body in a hidden place or keeping a watchful eye and making a wish whenever you see it in the world.

Keep it a secret and don’t tell others what this number means to you or why it’s special. Reserve its power for you alone and call on it, or symbols that represent it, whenever you need an extra magical boost!



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