Making Peace With Your Past

Making Peace With Your Past

Your past is your history. You cannot go back and change things from the past, no matter how much you wish you could. You cannot be re-living the good times either. It just does not work that way. What you can easily do is change how you think about it. You can see life for what it was in that moment but understand you have to live in the present. You also don’t have to let the past govern who you are right now. You can recreate yourself any time you are ready.

People live in the past for various reasons. Some people have a bad habit of bearing grudges. For me, every night, the slab gets wiped clean, and another day starts. It’s up to you to choose what you are going to do with today. So, are you going to live in your past, or are you going to live in the present? Also, ask yourself are you going to let your past determine your future, or will you choose to change your life’s course?

You can’t be positive about the present or future while you’re still focusing on the past. Let it go. Love what you have today and what you will have tomorrow. Concentrate on your dreams and overlook the movie reel replaying the worst moments of your life. Trust in yourself and let others have trust in you. 

Here are questions to consider and steps to take while making peace with your past:

  • Bravely face your past. What are your doubts? What causes you pain? Who are your victims?
  • Admit your past. If we cannot change something, the most powerful thing we can do is admit it. Can you admit your past? And what have you learned from it? How can it change you for the better?
  • Next, face your feelings. Does your past make you sad, angry, feel bad about yourself, damaged, bitter, cheated?
  • Forgive and forget your past. Do you have any hatred, bitterness, or unforgiveness towards anyone? Why are you still holding on to it?
  • Finally, make peace with your past. When your bitter past no longer controls your peace, then your attitude, hope, relationships, capacity to love others and ability to give and share of yourself, will be restored. You will be free.

By accepting your past, you can let it go. You can let go of all the moments that have hurt you. By admitting that it did happen, you can let it go. We try to avoid this acceptance of the past, and this prevents us from letting go the past. Acceptance holds great power. It not only releases, but it directs us into a much clear and open place, one without worry, fear, or difficulties of any kind.

Focus more on the future than the past, use the law of attraction to create a new positive life. If you are spiritual, learn about the various chakras and how to unblock them.

By accepting, we are not only making ourselves free but also opening ourselves up. Consider all the space you can have in your mind and your heart if it were not occupied by those bad memories. Think about how peaceful you can feel without that one memory that keeps you trapped in the past.

By removing those trying and cruel memories, we allow ourselves to move on and live life happily in the present. Record the experiences in your life you have not gotten over yet. Choose what you want to do to come to peace with them. If it is counseling, get it. If you want to apologize, do it. You cannot fully live until you have come to peace with your past.

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