Why There Is No Such Thing As A Coincidence

Why There Is No Such Thing As A Coincidence

We are energetic beings who can create and manifest experiences within our lives. We have experiences that stand out, and make us question the nature of reality. These situations are often called “coincidences”.

When things seem to line up just right, there is a reason for this. Simply labelling synchronicity as a “coincidence” takes away from its true meaning.

It can often teach us about ourselves, if we pay close enough attention.

Each of us also has our unique journey, full of lessons and opportunities to gain wisdom and grow.

Our outer worlds are also a reflection of our inner worlds. Our minds, thoughts, emotions, and intentions transform our lives in ways most are unaware of.

Have you ever thought of something, then saw that thing on TV later that day or had someone mention it to you?

Have you ever thought of someone and shortly after received a message or a phone call from them?

These experiences are not coincidences; they are manifestations. When we focus our minds on something long enough or ignite an emotion long enough, the corresponding energy will manifest within our outer world.

Each of us is an extension of the Source, God, the Creator or whatever name you want to give the divine force that’s orchestrating our experience of life.

We are all made from this eternal and infinite energy, which provides us with inner guidance that influences our decisions and choices.

Life is about growth, experience, and lessons to learn, which means there has to be a guiding force that positions us and our outer experience in certain places and at certain times for us to experience them.

There’s always a reason behind your choices, actions, and emotions, and the same is for the situations that happen within your life.

When we experience hardships and challenges, it’s easy to be overcome by the experience and become a victim of our circumstances.

When we become stuck in these states, our outer experience will reflect that we are victims. This is due to our perspective.

If we believe we are victims, we will be presented with experiences that prove our victimization. When we feel negative emotions we are out of alignment with our truth.

If we are all extensions from the Creator, we are also creators. We cannot be victims of our creations.

When you are whole and complete within yourself, you are living in truth. When you are whole, the things that happen within your experience are a reflection of your wholeness.

You are presented with experiences that are empowering and fill you with energy.

One of the fundamental foundations of the universe is balance, or duality. We live in a reality of light and dark, up and down, left and right.

This is part of our life experience to create the contrast and order we need to grow in. This is also true for our lives.

If our lives were only pleasant, we wouldn’t know how powerful joy and contentment feel.

If our lives were only sadness and misfortune, we wouldn’t understand how difficult and suffocating those states of being can be.

Life needs to present us with specific lessons and experiences that may go beyond what we’ve manifested for ourselves or focused upon.

Our journey through life needs to have roadblocks, detours, pit stops, and rest breaks. These teach us how to think outside of the box, stay grounded, and overcome fear and worry.

Certain experiences can be so traumatic that they can leave us feeling helpless. These are hard pills to swallow.

It’s hard to tell someone going through these types of experiences that they are happening for their highest good, or that there’s something they can learn from them.

Life can seem too overwhelming to see things objectively sometimes. Some of us are given experiences that feel too heavy to lift ourselves out of, but if somehow we can, then clarity and wisdom follow.

The truth isn’t always easy to hear, but for those that have overcome some of life’s most challenging experiences they know the truth.

They’ve made it through their darkest days and weathered the worst of the storm that brews within them.

They’ve felt their worlds shatter and crumble to ashes before them, yet somehow managed to piece themselves together, brand new.

These are the ones that understand that life truly is neither good nor bad, because they are a living witness of experiencing both sides of the coin.

Each of us has a meaning and a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is meant to be shared with others, and sometimes it’s an internal process.

We are all guided through our lives and into the experience in the most beneficial way possible for our journey.

If we have resistance within ourselves, our journey may seem more tumultuous than someone who’s learnt to be more allowing.

When you understand that life is about the journey, the experience, and how well you remain standing through it all, you’ll be able to move through the highs and the lows more gracefully.

 The next time you find yourself experiencing synchronicities, deja vu, repeated patterns, or what seems to be a life challenge, try to understand what the root of the experience is.

Have you been thinking about something more frequently? Do you have any unresolved emotions? Or is this experience providing you with a lesson you’d benefit from learning at this stage in your life?

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything that happens, happens for you, and sometimes because of you.

Allow yourself to be present in each moment and take a step back, so you can see things with a fresh perspective.

Learn the lessons, gain the wisdom, and move through life in allowance and acceptance of what is.

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