Solar Plexus Affirmations

Solar Plexus Affirmations

Guided Meditation

Lets begin our solar plexus chakra affirmations.

Let’s focus our attention, on the solar plexus chakra.
The yellow chakra close to your ribcage, sitting below your chest.

Softening, and expanding with every breath that your draw
Absorbing the abundance around it;

The energy that is flowing within you and all around you

The essence of the universe is giving you strength

By repairing your chakra, the golden yellow chakra

That hides in the glow of golden bright brilliance

Of the abundant, generous energy that’s come to engulf you.

As the brilliant golden energy recharges it, boosting your concentration.

Making it easy for you to focus, restoring your willpower, reinvigorating a sense of freedom within you.

You are free to roam, like an eagle, with utmost, limitless confidence.

With a remarkable ability to resist negative emotions.

The triangular shape of the chakra gets sharper and sharper.

With every breath that you inhale and exhale, it expands to cover more and more of you.

It almost appears as it is oscillating, trying to find its place within you.

With its masculine energy invigorating your spirit.

Filling you with determination, and a resolve to pursue your wildest dreams.

It gets closer to positioning itself, making you stronger and stronger,
both your physical self and your mind.

I have control over every aspect that I should have control over
I exert my control over my life
Repeat these mantras out loud,
Repeat them until you’re confident that they’re true
That you’re the strongest person you know
That you can withstand any hardship in life
That you’ll prevail, and triumph over the struggles in your life
You feel stronger with every chant,
With every breath that you take, the chakra comes closer
And closer, to realign itself.

So breathe in; fill your lungs with the crisp, fresh air that surrounds you
And take in the energy that comes with it; the strong, rejuvenating energy
Feel the energy flow from the top of your body, moving towards the bottom,
With the long, powerful, bright rays converging at the brilliant yellow chakra
And feel the energy move back up; when you exhale through your mouth
Releasing all and any strains your body had, all with your breath moving out

The chakra, in sync with the chakras below it, is now balanced
Slowly spinning in harmony with the duo,
Reigniting the part of you
That takes charge of life
That stands up to the harshness of life
With your confidence and self-esteem restored
You are now one step closer to being complete
And four steps away from realigning your energy

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