How to talk to the universe

How to talk to the universe

Use the Law of Attraction to get the things you want

Did you know the Law of Attraction can make all of your dreams come true? You can manifest almost anything.

Unfortunately most explanations of The Law of Attraction don’t describe it well enough and it’s easy to believe that if you only close your eyes and wish for something you will get it.

That’s not entirely true. To be able to attract the things you want, you need to know how it works and how YOU are a big part of it.

The Law of Attraction is always working, 24/7. If you want to tap in to it’s power you need to see it as a long-term project, much like learning a new language.


What is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states “like attracts like”. What does that mean? It means that everything that has the same energy and vibrates at the same frequency is automatically drawn to each other. How does that affect you? You are energy and everything you see, hear, feel and smell is also energy. Everything is made up by billions of vibrating atoms. The vibrating atoms in your body creates a large energy field around you and that energy shifts from day to day, depending on what mood you are in and what you are focusing on.


How does it work?

It’s really very simple. Whatever you are focusing on determines how you feel. If you feel sad you will have a low energy and if you’re happy you have a high energy. You don’t see the energy, but you can feel it. Your feelings are telling you what you are radiating out to the world right now. You are like a big radio transmitter, constantly broadcasting your feelings out to the world and everything that matches that energy will be drawn to you. You are subconsciously always talking to the universe. So how to talk to the universe, so it will listen?


The things you focus on the most is what you will get

How is it that people attract different things? Some people seem to find it very easy to attract money and health and some find it very difficult. Why is that? Believe it or not it all depends on the first seven years of your life! That was your foundation and the program that you are run by unless you decide to make a change.

When you were born your mind was like an empty book , containing only blank pages, ready to be filled with information. From the ages of zero to seven years, you don’t have the ability to question if something is true or not. You believe everything you see, hear and feel to be true and by the age of seven your brain is filled with information that now becomes the truth that you live by.


The information stored in your subconscious mind decides how you feel, how you see yourself and how you view the world. It also dictates how you feel about the possibility to become rich, healthy, happy, accepted and so on. If you would like to change how you feel about something, you can. The information you have in your mind is similar to programs on a computer. They can be replaced or even deleted.


Change your beliefs and you will change your life

If you want to change anything in your life, you need to start with your subconscious mind. When you change a belief and the way you look at things, you will change how you feel and feelings are energy. The same energy that will attract to you what you want. A new, higher vibrating energy will automatically change things for the better in your life.


How to get what you want

There are several ways to change your thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind. My favorites are a combination of the following three things:



When you want to change how you feel about something to be able to attract something else, you need to program your mind with new information. One way to do this is by visualizing. This is something top athletes and successful people do… and it works!

How to visualize

Sit quietly, close your eyes and imagine that you already have whatever it is you want. As long as you can feel it when you think about it, it’s going to work. Imagine that you are in the situation you want to be in and FEEL it! When you feel it, you know you have shifted energy and that you have already started to attract it. This will take some time, but as you keep doing it for a few minutes (about twenty) every day, the image will become more and more vivid and feel more real to you. Your subconscious mind has started to implement your new image and it’s replacing the old program. Remember that the first changes happen inside of you and it might take time before you see any results in your life. The first sign that you are on the right way is that you are feeling lighter and happier.



To imagine yourself having what you want you can place an image of your dream somewhere visible. You can find it on the internet, in a magazine or even draw it yourself. Look at it every day and feel how great it would feel if you had it right now. If you are good at Photoshop, you can make the images even more real by putting the face of yourself in the images.



When you first start visualizing and thinking about all the things you want to manifest it’s easy to lose interest if you don’t see any results after a while. Remember this is a natural law, like gravity. Persist with the practice, use other aids and products if required, but don’t give up and  know that this works.

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