15 Strongest Signs Twin Flame is Thinking of You

15 Strongest Signs Twin Flame is Thinking of You

Have you ever met someone and had an instant, unwaveringly deep connection with them? This could be a sign that this person is your twin flame.

A twin flame occurs when one soul is split into two bodies. These individuals are mirror reflections of one another. They can reflect both the best and the worst parts of you.

Because of the profound nature of your connection, you can often tell when your twin flame has you in their thoughts. In this article, I will discuss the deep relationship between twin flames and all the strongest signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

What is a Twin Flame and Why Do They Exist?

The famous philosopher Plato wrote in his ‘Symposium’, that the Greek God Zeus split all humans into two parts. Out of this claim came the theory of soulmates, two people destined at birth for each other.

Twin flames are not soulmates, though they do have similarities. Soulmates complement each other, while twin flames are mirror-images of each other. This means soulmates often mesh well and get along well, while twin flames can often expose all your deep traumas and force you to grow.

Twin flames exist because they act as an aid for your own spiritual growth and expansion. Your relationship with your twin flame will often reveal parts of you that you need to work on because they will also have had similar experiences. It is common that twin flames teach others how they have overcome obstacles in their life.

Twin flame relationships do not always last, but they will undoubtedly lead to a lot of personal growth.

Have you Met Your Twin Flame?

When you meet your twin flame, it is said that you will have a very uncanny sense of familiarity, as if you have known this person for a long time. Although you are strangers, you will feel at ease with them.

Meeting them can often be very spontaneous and unexpected. Your meeting may feel predestined or divine.

There will also be a lot of similarities between you and your twin flame. Your life paths will have strange similarities. You have been through similar struggles or experienced childhood trauma that reflects one another.

Their fears and insecurities may be the same as your own. However, their presence in your life will make you want to work through these and become a better person.

Sometimes, co-dependent or unhealthy relationships can be mistaken for a twin flame relationship. Having a narcissistic partner can make you feel utterly reliant on them. This unhealthy attachment is not a twin flame relationship.

Twin Flame Telepathy

Because of the deep soul connection with your twin flame, you may experience many odd phenomena. This includes twin flame telepathy, which is when you can tell what your twin flame is thinking or feeling.

You are highly aware of this other person and can easily read them. You can pick up on things many others would not be able to. This is partly due to body language, but it also stems from your soul connection.

You will also be able to tell when your twin flame is thinking of you. This can manifest in many different ways. Some are very subtle, while others are very evident.

Signs Twin Flame is Thinking of You

Here are some of the strongest signs your twin flame is thinking of you:


1. You feel their presence

When your twin flame is thinking of you, they may reach out through your soul connection. There is no message within this, but simply a presence of their energy.

This energy usually will positively affect you. Perhaps it will suddenly lift your mood when you are feeling low. Or it could give you a burst of energy you did not expect.

The presence is usually very comforting. Even if you are in a room alone, you will not feel like you are alone.

2. You feel an out-of-place emotion

Twin flames can often feel what the other is feeling. If you feel a very random emotion that does not make sense given your situation, this could be coming from your twin flame.

If you are in the middle of a task but suddenly feel like you’re missing someone, this could be your twin flame thinking of you and missing you.

3. They appear to you in your dreams

If your twin flame appears in your dreams, it could be because they have been thinking of you. Oftentimes your mind will pick up on their connection, and you will subconsciously manifest them into your dreams.

Twin flames can even share the same dream. This is a product of your shared soul. The Universe may be trying to send you both a message at the same time. Or it could just be that you are both thinking about each other and miss each other.

4. You feel a sudden burst of energy

A sudden burst of energy or motivation to be productive might have come from your twin flame. This happens when they think about you because your twin flame connection has the natural tendency to want you to succeed in your life and your goals.

The energy may give you the motivation to keep working on your dreams. It also may make you feel artistic, or like you want to create something. You should give into this motivation and do what your soul calls for. Acts of creation stemming from your twin flame connection make some of the most beautiful works of art.

5. You can’t get them out of your mind

You’re going about your day, but you just can’t stop thinking about your twin flame. Every thought is interrupted by them.

This is very likely due to them thinking about you and missing you. By actively thinking about you, their energy directs itself into your mind and manifests as thought.

6. They contact you right when you think about them

Have you ever started thinking about someone and had them contact you right then? Perhaps you thought about your twin flame and instantly received a call or text.

This is very likely because they were thinking about you at that moment. While they were thinking of reaching out to you, they manifested in your mind. Then, you received their communication. This is one of the signs your twin flame is communicating with you.

These things often feel like a strange coincidence, but they are not. They are a part of the twin flame telepathy that occurs due to the soul connection you share.

7. You feel a random sense of happiness

If you find yourself feeling happy for no reason, this could be due to your twin flame. Just the act of them thinking about you can stir happiness inside of you.

You might start smiling for no reason and not be able to get rid of it. Your twin flame is most likely sending you positive vibes by thinking of you fondly.

The happiness can also come from your twin flame feeling happy themselves. Then, when they think of you, the emotions can transfer as you pick up on it.

8. Your intuition tells you so

You should trust your intuition. A lot of the time, it knows things before you do.

If your intuition or ‘gut’ is telling you that your twin flame is thinking about you or missing you, they probably are. Intuition is very powerful. It sends messages to you through emotions and vibrations. It is a center of knowledge in your body that is often neglected.

Your intuition can pick up on frequencies your mind can’t. It can sense the thoughts of your twin flame even from across the world. Trust what your intuition is revealing to you about your twin flame.

9. Odd coincidences keep occurring

‘Coincidences’ usually aren’t coincidences at all. If you keep experiencing random patterns, this could be a sign regarding your twin flame.

You may be seeing numbers that you associate with your twin flame, such as their age or day of birth. If they are repetitive, this is definitely due to your twin flame.

‘Coincidences’ can manifest in many ways, not just with numbers. Perhaps you run into some of your mutual friends multiple times, or see your twin flame’s family members while you’re out.

This could very well be the Universe putting these things in your life because your twin flame has been consistently thinking of you.

10. You can feel their touch on you

Sometimes your twin flame thinking of you can cause an actual physical experience as if you are being touched.

The sensation of being touched is common when your twin flame is thinking of you, especially in physical or sexual ways.

These feelings can manifest differently for everyone. You may feel a feather-like or tingling sensation on your skin, temperature changes in or around your body, or goosebumps along your skin.

The feelings are not always sexually related. It may be your twin flame is simply longing for you.

11. You get randomly turned on

Another sign your twin flame is thinking of you sexually is if you get very spontaneously turned on. This is usually always because your twin flame is also aroused and misses you physically.

These emotions can be very powerful and transfer from one twin flame to another.

12. Your heart begins to race

If you are sitting still and your heart suddenly begins to race, this could be due to your twin flame. You may also have butterflies in your stomach at the same time.

This random rush of adrenaline in your body is not caused by anything you are doing. Therefore, even sitting down may not stop it. It is due to the soul connection with your twin flame and how deeply your hearts are intertwined.

13. Random acts of telepathy

Your twin flame telepathy may make itself present in your life. This goes further than just feeling your flame’s emotions. You may have random thoughts or ideas that are not yours. You may get a song stuck in your head that your twin flame is listening to or have words float across your mind that they said to another.

These little things appear in your mind with little to no warning and won’t make much sense to you. Just remember this is probably due to you running through your twin flame’s mind.

14. A sign is revealed to you

If you have known your twin flame for a little while, then you probably have things that remind you of them. Perhaps it is a song you listened to together or an experience you shared.

When these things randomly pop up in your life, they may signify your twin flame is thinking of you. If their favorite song comes on the radio or their favorite bag of chips falls off the shelf at the grocery store- these little signs may be telling you that you are on their mind.

15. You’re wondering if your twin flame is thinking of you

If you suddenly begin to wonder if your twin flame is thinking of you, it is possibly because they are. These thoughts may have entered your mind because your twin flame already thought about you, or they currently are thinking of you.

This can be a product of your intuition or twin telepathy. Perhaps your twin flame was feeling emotions towards you, bringing them to your mind. Or your intuition alerted you to your presence in their thoughts. Either way, if you randomly started thinking of them, they could very well have been thinking of you first.

Closing Thoughts

The connection you have to your twin flame is deeper than any connection you will experience during your time on earth. You came from the same soul strand within the Universal consciousness. Despite being manifested into two separate bodies, your connection is extraordinarily profound.

There are so many ways you can tell if your twin flame is thinking about you. And chances are they think of you quite often. The twin flame is a connection so absolute that you will be tied to the other person for the rest of your life, even if they aren’t physically in it.

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