What Are Auras and What Do They Mean?

What Are Auras and What Do They Mean?

Auras are the visual energy field that surrounds each and every human being. Only a select few individuals can see them. Every person has an aura unique to themselves. The color of a person’s aura can reflect their personality, identity, mood, and life path.

What Does Your Aura Color Say About You?

Here is a brief analysis of what various aura colors mean:

Red Aura Meaning

What does red aura mean? Those with red auras are very passionate and dynamic people. They are not afraid to follow their dreams or pursue those they love. They enjoy physical pleasures but also recognize their connection to the universe. Having dark red in your aura can mean that a person is holding onto trauma from their past. This can manifest in different ways, from anger to frustration, to exhaustion. When this person works on healing from their past wounds, the red will gradually fade.

Blue Aura Meaning

People with blue auras and usually very self-aware and expressive. They enjoy sharing their inner thoughts and are often very philosophical. Blue aura individuals have big dreams. They want to help bring positivity into the world by helping others. They also want to have deep, meaningful relationships with those in their life.

Orange Aura Meaning

People with orange auras are joyful, creative, and sensual. They are often very social creatures and place heavy emphasis on friendship. This makes them usually very easy to get along with. People with orange auras also commonly seek thrill and adventure. They like to switch up their life because they dislike being stagnant. You will often find them exploring other countries or taking part in adventurous activities.

Green Aura Meaning

Individuals with a bright green aura often have a powerful life force filled with love. They enjoy animals, nature, and adventure. Green aura individuals are often very creative and self-determined. They enjoy being in loving relationships and emanate feelings of peace. They are usually very balanced people. Those with tinges of dark, murky green may be having feelings of jealousy. These individuals need to stop focusing on themselves as victims and strive towards their personal goals with greater enthusiasm.

Purple Aura Meaning

Those with purple or violet auras are compelling and charismatic people. They are dreamers, visionaries, and idealists that strive towards their goals with unwavering determination, inspiring those around them. Purple auras also represent compassion, understanding, and the ability to look outside oneself. They recognize their place in the universe and can manifest more powerfully because of it. This inner wisdom leads many others to look towards them for guidance.

Pink Aura Meaning

What does pink aura mean? This is not a common aura color. When an individual has a pink aura, it usually means that they are very loving, romantic, and sensitive. They are gentle people who radiate kindness. Their uplifting and genuine nature will draw you in. They are the kind of people you go to when you’re going through a challenging experience. This person can cheer you up simply by spending time with you.

Magenta Aura Meaning

The color magenta is a mix between red and blue auras. Individuals with a magenta aura are very intuitive, creative, optimistic, and innovative. While they have a great understanding of their place in the physical realm, they are also deeply connected to the spiritual realm and their intuition. They enjoy doing things their own way and venture outside the standard bounds of society. People with magenta auras care about being their authentic selves and living in a way that makes them happy. Others might be captured by their optimism, idealism, and determination to carve their own life path.

White Aura Meaning

The rarest aura color is white. People with pure, white auras are extremely rare to come across. Individuals with a white aura are truth-seeking, nonjudgmental, and wise. They have connected with the universe in a way that allows them to transcend physical worries. People with white auras don’t care about material items, money, or other society-driven forms of success. They are driven purely by spiritual intentions.

Black Aura Meaning

So what does a black aura mean? Unfortunately black auras are usually very negative. They often mean that an individual is selfish and cruel. These people should be avoided. However, sometimes a person will have a dark splotch in their aura simply because they are going through a dark time in their life. This is not permanent and does not reflect their personality. As they heal, the darkness will fade.

Grey Aura Meaning

Having grey in your aura is unique but not often positive. Grey is not considered its own functioning color but rather a mix between white and black. If your aura is gray, it can mean that you have a negative and cynical outlook towards life. It can be difficult for you to see the bright side of any situation. Your aura can return to its natural colors if you focus on being more positive.

Brown Aura Meaning

Brown is another color that doesn’t represent something positive. It often means that there are difficulties in your current situation. You are disconnected from your true self and strive towards goals that don’t reflect your true life journey. Things like material wealth may consume you. You also may be prone to self-destructive behaviors and have a lot of insecurities. Individuals with a brown aura are likely to have gone through struggles that led them to have this as their aura color. However, they can also overcome a brown aura by healing their past traumas.

Gold Aura Meaning

A golden aura stands for enlightenment, spiritual growth, and wisdom. If individuals are more connected to the spiritual realm, they are likely to have a gold aura. Gold also symbolizes leadership, especially when it comes to spiritual practices. These individuals are strong, healing, inspiring, trusting, and wise.

Silver Aura Meaning

A silver aura is one of the most treasured colors. These are often people with spiritual or psychic abilities that use their gifts to help others. Silver aura people are sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate. They have natural wisdom and are connected to the universe in a way that most are not.


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