What does Déjà vu mean spiritually?

What does Déjà vu mean spiritually?

Have you ever met someone for the first time, but it felt like you’ve already seen that person before?

Have you ever talked to someone and experienced the sensation that you’ve said the exact same sentences in the past?

Once in a blue moon there are moments when a feeling of familiarity rushes past us, but we can’t explain why.

“Why does this feel so familiar? Did it happen before? Have I already been here?”. Or are these just coincidences?

What does Déjà vu mean?

The phrase Déjà vu is a French phrase that translates to “already seen.”

It is a strange sensation of unexplained familiarity that almost all of us have experienced at least once in our lives.

Certain smells, sounds, places, or experiences can trigger this experience.

It is an extrasensory encounter where your logic and reasoning tell you that the situation you’re in is happening for the first time, but some other sense tells you that you’ve said, seen, or experienced this before.

But why does this happen?

What could it indicate?

déjà vu spiritual meaning

Many of us brush off this odd encounter and don’t really pay much attention to it.

However, from a spiritual perspective, you ought to pay close attention to these fleeting moments as they could be an indicator of something much more important.

There is a spiritual world invisible to the naked eye, but it plays a vital role in shaping our existence.

It could be a sign of a spiritual activity that has occurred, but now it is manifesting in the physical.

Below are some spiritual interpretations of Déjà vu that can help you discern this sensation of familiarity.

Memories of a past life

In ancient religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, the concept of past lives is nothing new.

A lot of beliefs are based on the idea that we live more than once, and the lives we live greatly affect one another.

According to such religions, your soul is eternal, while your body is a vehicle in which you live for a particular lifetime.

This could mean that you have been in existence for thousands of years and have walked across different corners of the globe before coming to where you are now.

Your soul is likely to have lived many lives before and will live many lives again. Your soul contains memories of those past lives, but they are concealed in this world.

When you experience Déjà vu in a situation, it could be an indicator that a similar situation has happened to you in your past life.

If a certain place suddenly makes you happy, it could mean something blessed happened to your ancestor in the same place.

Similarly, feelings of anxiety could indicate that something bad happened in one such moment in your past life, thus giving you glimpses into your other lives.

The right and wrong path

How you felt during the Déjà vu could be a message for you from your soul or higher self.

Our subconscious mind is vast and works in mysterious ways. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you will realize how important your subconscious mind is in shaping your destiny.

Interpreting that sensation could help you make wiser decisions that could lead to future happiness or prosperity.

The exact feeling during your déjà could be a message from your higher self to help you recognize the right path from the wrong.

Having one such experience when you’re perplexed to make a decision could be an indicator of what will turn out to be a better choice for you.

Although this does not mean that you have to wait for Déjà vu to happen in order to know what is the correct thing to do.

But if you have once such a vision or feeling, take it into account as it could help you get closer to your true self and the right purpose in your life. 

Your vibrational frequency matches with the place or person

Everything carries a certain vibe. There are some situations when our intuition tells us beforehand whether what we’re about to do is correct or not.

Our intuition or “Gut feeling” is an invisible compass that all of us carry within us.

Sometimes the feeling we get from this invisible compass gets too strong because either our energetic vibrations are totally matching with the place or person or it could be the complete opposite.

It could be our higher self giving us a strong Yes or No signal.

Having a déjà vu experience with another person could indicate that both of you are on the same frequency energetically and, therefore, are on the right path with one another.

Similarly, getting a strong positive feeling with a place could also indicate what it means energetically for you.

Deciphering the feeling could help you understand whether your energy matches with the situation or not.

It could be due to coming across a timeline shift

The universe is vast and mysterious. Many things are still unknown to us, but spirituality has helped us see a glimpse into it.

Be it the afterlife, past worlds, or future selves, experiences like déjà vu could serve as a hint that our existence is far greater and more complex than our mere worldly physical lives.

Perhaps some event feels similar because you have already seen it unfold in a different dimension or a timeline.

It could be that you are experiencing a timeline shift, meaning you have already experienced the event in a past or future reality, but experiencing it in the present is making it click again.

You had a clairvoyant dream about this moment

Clairvoyant means “seeing clearly.” In plenty of religions around the world like Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc., your dreams carry many meanings.

Dreams are considered a way to communicate with God, to understand the current moment and predict the future accordingly.

In such religions, sometimes, the revelation you see in a dream could be so important that it could serve as a basis for deciding your future spouse.

But dreams are often hard to remember, and their details can slip from our conscious mind.

However, our subconscious mind remembers them.

When we experience a situation in which we might have seen in a dream before, our mind can have a sudden moment of clarity, thus a déjà vu.

This serves as another reason why you should not brush off your déjà vu but pay attention to the feeling it conveys.

What should you do when you experience déjà vu?

Instead of focusing on whether this situation has happened before or not, try to pay attention to how it could serve you in your life.

Take it as a message from your soul, higher self, or the universe to make you conscious of something you might be missing.

Observe what is happening in your life and how this déjà vu makes sense accordingly.

If you can decipher the message and let your intuition be your guide, it could help you make wise decisions and lead you towards early betterment and prosperity in your life.  

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