You Attract What You Are

You Attract What You Are

You may be familiar with the phrase “you attract what you are”, but have you ever thought about what it really means?

The human mind is prone to focusing on what we want, what we don’t have, and what keeps going wrong.

As we will see in this article, we are what we attract, and we are what attracts us in life.

Have you ever noticed that when we are having a bad morning, for example, we are running late, we spill our coffee, stub our toe and then throughout the day, we notice ourselves saying, “I am just having one of those days!” or “Today is just not my day.”

It is as if bad things seem to keep happening one after the other. This is due to the fact that our energy vibrates at a low frequency and that we attract the same type of energy to ourselves.

There is no denying that we are vibrational beings, everything surrounding us is made up of energy and matter so it is no surprise that we attract what we are vibrating at.

Each of us vibrates at a different frequency, and it is this frequency that determines what we attract into our lives.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, so if we are happy, joyful, and excited, we will attract these energies to ourselves as well.

Similarly, this technique works with lower vibrational energies, for example, if we feel sad, stuck, or low, then this energy is what we are going to attract back to ourselves.

A person does not simply attract what they think. They attract what they are. As Gandhi once said;

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

What we believe, we think and this determines how we act and how we act determines what energy we will be vibrating at.

And as we know, what energy we vibrate at, the Universe will return more of the same to us.

Besides attracting what we think, how else do we attract people, feelings, fears, and situations?

What You Think You Become

Our thoughts are more complex than what meets the eye at first glance.

Throughout our lives, we are guided by our values and beliefs and we define ourselves based on them. Their influence shapes the way we view the world and the people around us.

It was Buddha who said, ”The mind is everything, what you think, you become.”

In reality, we attract what we think and feel.

Those of us who are positive, easy-going, and who have a bounce in our step would be living and creating lives that are far more positive, easy-going, and happy than those whose outlook on life is pessimistic, miserable, and negative.

There is no doubt that mindset is everything.

The more positive neural pathways we create in our brain, such as the ones that tell us we are enough, that we can accomplish goals easily, or that we can attract positive experiences into our lives, the easier it is to believe in these positive thoughts and see positive results.

By doing this, we will be able to train our mindset so that it becomes one that is growth oriented.

In accordance with the Law of Attraction, if we vibrate at a high frequency, we are attracted to the same energy we vibrate at. In other words, if we have a growth mindset, then this is exactly what happens.

We expand our thoughts, which in turn expands the energy we receive.

Napoleon Hill once wrote, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” and this is exactly true. There is no doubt that the mind is one of the most powerful things in the universe and we can train ourselves to think in a certain way in order to attract a new way of living.

So if we think from a place of abundance, prosperity and positivity we will start to become this type of person.

You Are What You Attract

If you were to step back and look at your circle of friends around you, how would you describe the people you associate with?





There is a good chance that you are quite similar in more ways than one, but what is it that makes you similar?

Is it your beliefs?

Your outlook on life?

Your interests?

Your love for nights out?

In either case, it is said that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the majority of our time.

This is due to the fact that what we attract is what we are.

Like attracts like, and I know I have said this many times before, but I believe it to be an indisputable law.

There is no reason why the Universe should start sending you situations, people, and things that are not in line with your physical or spiritual energy.

It just does not work this way.

In a way, it’s like being on social media.

Every once in a while you will come across an ad or a group that interests you as you scroll through your news feed.

Say you like shopping for clothes, the social media gods will start dropping new clothes places into your feed, groups for swapping clothes or discounts for new shops online.

This is exactly what the Universe does. It won’t bombard you with fishing tackle, musical instruments, or camping equipment since these items don’t interest you.

You only attract what you embody, feel and vibrate at.

You Attract What You Fear

It’s funny how fear works when you think about it. It is common for fear to be completely irrational most of the time.

There is the possibility of getting sucked into a downward spiral of fear when you experience this lower vibrational energy.

17 seconds are needed to really feel a thought and bring it into your consciousness.

The Law of Attraction kicks in when the energy is there and we concentrate on it.

We then receive another vibrational match for our energy and thought.

This process results in us immersing ourselves deeper and deeper in the energy we are focusing on, and we become engulfed in it.

When we are afraid of the dark, for example, our attention is drawn to the dark environment in which we are sitting.

When our attention is purely focused on this, we begin to attract the vibrational energy that matches the vibration of fear.

Our situation will not change until we break the cycle. This will only lead to more fear-based energies being attracted to us.

Fear is our brains’ way of trying to protect us, but it does not always serve us in a positive way.

It is there to keep us safe and to help us stay in our comfort zone.

Your attention to what you give your energy determines where that energy is cultivated and grown; if that energy is low vibrational, you will end up cultivating and growing it.

When this happens, the universe will be notified that this is what the person is vibrating at, so let’s send more of it their way.

Subconsciously, you tend to attract things that you fear because that’s all you seem to be thinking about.

In time, the fear will not be the original thing you feared, but the attention and energy you have given to it will amplify the fear making it stick around longer.

I have heard it described before that when fear is given too much attention, it creates an attention vacuum, which in turn exaggerates the energy and fear.

You Attract What You Put Out

The law of attraction states that “like attracts like.” This means that whatever energy you are vibrating at, whatever frequency you are vibrating at, you will attract back to yourself.

Hence what you put out you will attract.

Another Universal Law, the Law of Cause and Effect, states that what you put out there will come back to you, not necessarily right away, but eventually.

It doesn’t matter what you put out there, your energy or your actions will eventually affect you.

In other words, this is what it means when we talk about attracting what we put out into the world.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when we take a step back and evaluate our reality, we can clearly see that the energy we put into our thoughts, actions and beliefs starts to determine who we are and who we will become.

We can make our minds believe anything we want because they are powerful things.

Keeping ourselves safe is the brain’s primary goal, so if you believe you can’t do something, you probably won’t.

As a result, if you think you can, you are more likely to succeed, since your brain doesn’t perceive it as a risk.









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